Christmas Pharma Karma

21 December 2015

In case you haven't heard, Mr Shkreli owns an American Pharmaceutical company - Turing Pharmaceuticals. Prior to this he enjoyed a colourful career that seems to have kept a high percentage of US lawyers in business.

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Time to trust your instinct

17 December 2015

If you are hoping for a guideline on what to wear for work or during an interview, then you'd better stop reading, I haven't got a clue anymore.

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People problems call for people solutions

10 December 2015

People problems are great – the best problem to have in fact. Solution: change the people.

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Top 10 Gluten Free facts of 2015

8 December 2015

Guest blog by Bob Trice, FMCG Interim Executive and Food & Nutrition Commercial and Strategic Contributor.

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Christmas cheer for the outsourcing sector

3 December 2015

Are we finally moving out of the period when it’s political suicide to associate with outsourcing firms?

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Come on Grandpa, you need to take your tablet!

30 November 2015

Used a payphone lately? Unplugged the house phone to put the internet on? When did you last send a fax? When was the last time you didn’t put a leaflet straight in the bin because, well, it’s a leaflet?

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Tougher times for the NHS as winter draws in

16 November 2015

Winter is drawing in again and this is normally a time when Interim Managers who work in the NHS are historically very busy.

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Is now the most exciting time to be a CIO?

12 November 2015

Gone are the days of an internally focused IT head or a role that, while close to the business, is purposely not too close. As a CIO, typically you now have a seat at the top table.

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The rise of challenger banks - unprecedented or expected?

10 November 2015

Have the well-established banks had it way too easy for way too long? If history is anything to go by, you might say “yes, absolutely”.

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12 million

2 November 2015

Loan sharks, unethical and irresponsible are words often used to describe companies within the short term consumer lending space.  

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