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5 reasons why cycling is good for you


The immune cells that fight illness are more active after moderate exercise, eg. cycling.  Fit people are healthier, it’s a fact. By cycling you are much less likely to pick up the hideous germs so prevalent on public transport. SO WHAT? This in turn results in less time off work due to sickness. Sickness costs businesses up to £100 billion per year. Cycling reduces absence due to sickness, therefore saves money and increases productivity and growth.

Employee Engagement

I’m sorry, but you are going to have to fire your team.

WITH ENTHUSIASM! The government backed initiative  “Cycle To Work Scheme” is an excellent proven motivator to your workforce and a powerful engagement tool.

  1. Emplyoees love engagement: it makes them less likely to leave. The scheme allows businesses to loan cycles and cycle safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit.
  2. Employees love benefits.  Look at the latest stats (from the Cycle To Work Alliance) :
98% of respondents said they would encourage other colleagues to take part in the cycle to work scheme. 97% of employers believe encouraging their workforce to healthy was an important consideration in their decision to offer the scheme.87% of employers see the scheme as an important way of reducing their carbon footprint.                


Try driving around any UK City or town at rush-hour; in almost every case you will get to work quicker if you cycle. Less reliance on crumbling public transport or the gridlocked roads means freedom from delays and reduced stress. No more missed worktime due to strikes or interruptions, – you are master of your own two wheeled self-propelled destiny that is. Cycle rides are also much more likely to be consistent in the time taken to complete the journey; you can plan your journeys more effectively and avoid the embarrassment of being constantly late.  Increasingly you will be able to set off later and later from home to cover the same distance to work because you have become a super-fit speed machine.


People who cycle sleep better. I have yet to meet anyone in business who says “you know what would make me happier – less sleep”.

Cycling, like any exercise, produces endorphins which make you happy and reduce stress. Ask any farmer – happy cows produce more milk.

It Makes You More Creative 

When people cycle  their creativity increases, as does their brain power. Einstein was a keen cyclist who had many “eureka” moments on his bike. Your next great business idea may only be a pair of lycra shorts away.

Cycling increases oxygen to the brain and ignites the neurons; so, by adding cycling to your daily routine you won’t only work harder, but also become smarter.

Scott Hutchinson is a lifelong cyclist; convert to the Boris Bike and Principle at Interim Partners where he specialises in improving the business performance of some the UK’s most well-known food and drink companies. 

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