Tougher times for the NHS as winter draws in

16 November 2015

Winter is drawing in again and this is normally a time when Interim Managers who work in the NHS are historically very busy.

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My evening with Keith McNeill & Roy Lilley

22 October 2015

Do we continue to place Trusts into special measures indefinitely? How do we increase staffing levels? Is fundamental system reform what’s needed - is it doable or desired?

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Have you heard the news from Monitor?

21 October 2015

With the launch of the HSJ investigation into the causes and consequences of the NHS’s growing reliance on temporary clinical and medical staff, I am interested to discuss the impact and future of non-clinical interim managers within the NHS. 

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My evening with Sir Robert Naylor: “The future is about collaboration”

21 September 2015

Roy Lilley's latest Health Chat: Sir Robert states that the NHS CEO role “is the best job in the NHS.”

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Interim interview - George Briggs

11 September 2015

Our Healthcare Practice Lead, Claire Carter (above) speaks to NHS Interim Deputy COO, George Briggs, about becoming an interim.

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The Holy Grail? NHS, IT and creating impact

8 September 2015

A guest editorial for nhsManagers.net on three IT related areas which would make it easier and safer for patients to “get in; get diagnosed; get fixed up; get out; and get on with their lives.”  

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Feeling the burn?

1 September 2015

The summer of 2015 has seen a lot of movement among NHS board members with over 11 new leaders taking up CEO posts across the country.

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Go for broke? What is an ‘acceptable’ NHS provider deficit?

3 August 2015

Is radical structural overhaul required to deliver a NHS capable of functioning long into the 21st century? What is an ‘acceptable’ provider deficit? 

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Is £8bn of additional funding for the NHS enough to meet financial needs?

6 July 2015

Interim Partners' Healthcare Practice exhibited at the NHS Confederation Annual Conference 2015. 

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Is the NHS really being ripped off?

3 July 2015

Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on this question. I'm not talking about procurement, I'm talking about agency and management consultancy spend. 

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