The nightmare of a lost bank card

12 March 2015

I decided to use my contactless bank card to travel on the tube. My monthly oyster card had run out on Thursday and in my head I would be better off paying for two single journeys and renewing the monthly ticket on Monday...

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Would you swap to a challenger bank?

3 March 2015

Over the past few years the Financial & Professional Services Practice at Interim Partners have worked with some of the UK’s leading challenger banks.

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Is off-shoring a fashionable fad or a sensible move?

21 January 2015

You might be thinking you can move the service to a different provider or back in-house, allowing for ample leverage to negotiate extensions if needed. Or, you may assume you do not need longer-term protection

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Challenges the financial services might face in 2015

14 January 2015

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a fabulously festive break with plenty of over eating and drinking, and time spent with family and friends. I am sure most of us are gearing up for a busy and successful 2015,

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