Leading Business Change - An interview with Dr Karin Stumpf

5 July 2016

Leading business change

Dr. Karin Stumpf speaks to Ibi Thomson about the major pitfalls and critical success factors for organisations undergoing major transformation.

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Industry 4.0 - When will the scales tip for UK Manufacturing?

26 February 2016

This week, I attended the Manufacturer Live event, held in lovely surroundings at the Institute of Engineering & Technology, Savoy Place. What really impressed me was the passion and determination that the organisers had for Industry 4.0.

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Is it time to transform the interim management model?

5 January 2016

Traditionally, interim providers are judged on their ability to provide the right candidate for a given situation.

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Is now the most exciting time to be a CIO?

12 November 2015

Gone are the days of an internally focused IT head or a role that, while close to the business, is purposely not too close. As a CIO, typically you now have a seat at the top table.

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