CVA - A Landlord's Gift?

9 November 2018

Closed Sign

The subject of Company Voluntary Agreements (CVAs) has been a controversial topic for some time now as businesses across the consumer sector yank the cord to that ‘chapter 11-esque’ trapdoor out of trouble.

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Casual Dining - The Tables Are Turning!

27 February 2018

casual dining

Why is this wonderful, social sector taking hammerings in the press almost daily with headlines such as “The Weak Link in the Eating-out Space” or “The Slow Death of Casual Dining”?

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I wish omni-channel was easy

26 May 2017


Perhaps the dirtiest two words in retail at the moment are “omni-channel”. Just two small words causing retailers some of the biggest headaches. The biggest challenge is developing a supply chain infrastructure that is at best affordable and capable of coping.

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Upskill, or proceed to self-checkout

20 February 2017

Upskill or proceed to self-checkout

It is undeniable that even in the past five years, technological progress has revolutionised how retailers sell and customers buy, but what does that mean for the role of the employee in this shape-shifting sector?

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Small Retailers: It's your time now!

8 September 2016

Small retailers blog

Richard Lindsay discusses the changes to the retail and consumer industry in 2016.

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Brexit and the world of Interim

21 June 2016

Like many, I thought remaining in Europe stood to be a fairly predictable outcome although it seems that there is more of an appetite for change than I had expected, with people clearly unwilling to accept the status quo.

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LinkedIn: the Facebook for professionals?

6 April 2016

LinkedIn’s stock value has plummeted by 50% this year, with analysts suggesting that LinkedIn will be remembered just “as a place for users to swap furtive notes with recruiters and spy on former colleagues”.

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Women do not belong in the boardroom

17 February 2016

A startling title and whilst it’s one we know to be utter nonsense (I only used it to get your attention), there are still companies which seem to be subscribed to that antiquated ideology.

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Come on Grandpa, you need to take your tablet!

30 November 2015

Used a payphone lately? Unplugged the house phone to put the internet on? When did you last send a fax? When was the last time you didn’t put a leaflet straight in the bin because, well, it’s a leaflet?

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The benefit of benefits

7 October 2015

One of the fundamental reasons those in pursuit of permanent employment stay permanent and don’t engage in the interim world is the company benefits package they get to enjoy as an FTE.

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Make tomorrow faster than today or become relegated to yesterday

13 August 2015

What is it that we want next? Has technological advancement become so commonplace that we are becoming desensitised to progress?

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Turning an idea into a start-up company

18 June 2015

In the current market, new start-up companies are cunningly identifying gaps in the market and then quickly and innovatively plugging them, particularly in the technology/telecoms space...

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Are recruiters becoming obsolete?

5 May 2015

Recruiters have often attracted mixed opinions over their role, their worth in today’s market and their consulting fees (perceived by some as exorbitant). Some businesses rely on and subscribe to the recruiter services religiously...

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