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While I love connecting senior interims into the NHS, I am also passionate about the charity work that Interim Partners are involved in. 




The team at Interim Partners works with a charity called ‘Spear’. Spear aims to bridge the gap between unemployed 16-24 year olds and businesses. Over the past decade, they have helped over 2,500 young people into employment or education. A fantastic result!

So what is Spear’s vision?

Spear’s vision is “to ignite a ‘vision of the possible’ in unemployed young people, to build their confidence and ability to effect life-changing choices; and to develop their leadership potential within the local community.” Spear is a project of Resurgo Trust which exists to galvanise neighbourhood transformation in London and beyond.

What do Interim Partners get involved in?

Last week, I delivered a workshop to help young people understand what is required to work in a professional environment. The following week a number of Interim Partners consultants carried out mock interviews and provided advice and direction on interview techniques, how to build your confidence and how to use body language to engage in a professional environment. It’s inspiring to see the drive and progress of these young people who are determined to turn their life around.

The most recent Spear course hosted 12 students, 6 of whom have already been successful in getting a job. Last night we attended the students’ graduation, and it was inspiring to hear the stories these young people had to tell about how their life was before Spear and how the programme has given them the confidence to turn their life around.

It was a pleasure to offer my expertise and so rewarding to see the young people put my advice into practice at their graduation presentations.

What do the latest UK unemployment figures show? 

Recent figures suggest that unemployment fell by 102,000 to 1.86 million in the three months to the end of January 2015, Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in February fell by 31,000 to 791,200, its lowest level since 2008, the ONS said. The employment rate now stands at 73.3%, the highest rate of people in work since the ONS began keeping records in 1971.

Spear is an impressive charity that is committed to helping to reduce unemployment in the UK. As an average, 75% of those who graduate from Spear are in work or education a year after completing the course.

Please take a look at their website  - the work they do is incredible.  Interim Partners are very proud to be supporting them.

Claire Carter is the Principal for Healthcare at Interim Partners.  


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