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Benefits of charity partnerships

On 1st October our London and Harrogate offices will race from their boardrooms to reach the midway point – Pype Hayes Park in Birmingham. The challenge will take place on the exercise bikes provided by one of our clients, Fitness First. We are aiming to raise £3,000 to support our charities. In London – it is Spear. To date, they prepared over 2,500 unemployed young people from disadvantaged backgrounds for work or further education, with exceptional results. Most of the Interim Partners team had a chance to work closely with Spear throughout the year, which has been both successful and highly enjoyable

Getting your company involved with the local community can help boost morale and keep employees engaged. Participating in external events during the workweek is a simple and fun way to break up the day spent at a desk. Not only does it give everyone the opportunity to interact outside of the office, but it also allows people to give back to the community, not only financially, but through advice and shared expertise.

There are numerous other reasons for a business to support a charity: help with defining the corporate identity, boost of public relations, promotion of teambuilding and increased loyalty amongst employees to name a few. Research conducted by Forresters found that most consumers think businesses should support charities and nearly half are more likely to buy from companies that donate to good causes.

Philanthropy is not only a powerful way of tackling issues that affect your business operations, but it can also influence society more broadly. This has led to a growing number of partnerships between corporates and charities or non-governmental organisations. Klara Kozlov, head of corporate clients at the Charities Aid Foundation explains

“Companies are starting to take different approaches – there is still room for traditional philanthropy because the charity sector needs funding, but there is also a growing recognition that companies have a much more powerful role to play and have more to offer than just financial support. Their assets, both intellectual and physical, if tapped into in the right way can really help drive change.”

Vodafone Foundation, with a £45 million annual spend across 27 countries, is a prime example of this trend. Its Mobile for Good strategy resulted in the development of a mobile phone network that could be transported in just three suitcases and quickly set up in disaster zones.

Another example is the joint venture between major clothing retailer TK Maxx and Cancer Research, who have been running a joint clothing campaign since 2004. Together they’ve already raised £13.5 million, £9 million of which has gone into research to help beat children’s cancer, making TK Maxx the biggest corporate funder of research into children’s cancer in the UK.

All in all, supporting a charity is a great cause and ‘giving back’ will definitely make you feel better as an individual.

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Norma Warwick-Smith is the Senior Consultant for Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences at Interim Partners. 

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