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Bleary eyed?

Are you waking up after a long night of election results? Were you also lulled by the "closest competition of a generation" billboard? It didn't quite live up to that, did it? Rather like the $300m fight last weekend, which wasn't quite the fight of the century...

It appears to be a fantastic day for the headhunters, equivalent of the night of long knives in the boardroom, but this time caused by the popular vote. I suspect many well-known figures will be looking for lucrative positions in the City. Fortunately that's not my sector, I happily specialise in the industrial world (much more down to earth!) and work with professional Interim managers who "fix" things in turnaround, change and programme management situations. Well, there's plenty of fixing and building to do.

So if we take any party allegiances out of the equation, what are the likely outcomes from an economic and social perspective? 

  • Confidence - hopefully a majority government will, at long last, be able to give some longer term confidence to the entrepreneurs and business leaders in the country. We have heard about the war chests (some say of £100bn) built up since the recession.  Hopefully businesses will feel more able to invest, acquire, launch new products and be a little less risk averse than they have been over the last five years. Perhaps we can even have the confidence to expand and be creative.
  • Scotland - following on from the independence referendum we have now seen a very strong demonstration of unity behind a cause. Will this be used to challenge "austerity"? Can it be used to address the issues facing the Oil & Gas industry (and all of the associated businesses) north of the border?
  • Europe - in or out? 
  • Energy provision - the threat of a price freeze has presumably receded. Hopefully the competition review can report, recommendations be followed and we can move forward. If we could have a joined up Energy and Climate Change approach, it would indeed be an achievement. Perhaps I'm becoming delusional from lack of sleep now...

What do you think? Could this be a new start, building confidence? Or just ‘more of the same’? 

As ever, I welcome your views!

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