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Christmas cheer for the outsourcing sector

Recently John Shaw, Managing Director of G4S Public Services, appeared on Radio 4’s influential ‘Today’ programme as Lincolnshire Police praised the £6m per annum savings being made on the most comprehensive back office outsourcing contract in the sector: G4S staff are employed in police control rooms, custody suites, firearms licensing, as well as in financial, HR and technology roles.

George Osborne’s Autumn statement made it clear that Police budgets would be not be subject to further cuts, however all branches of the public sector still have to make significant savings and look to efficiencies wherever they can.

Clearly there is still reticence in some quarters about using outsourcing firms (or being seen to use outsourcing firms), but this news story may be the first leak in the dam that makes it politically safe to admit that outsourcing is a fundamental part of George Osborne’s attack on the deficit – because it works!

It seems necessity is the mother of invention as three more police forces in the East Midlands - Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire – are putting their toes in the water by asking for quotes.

Are we finally moving out of the period when it’s political suicide to associate with outsourcing firms?

Paul Phillips is the Director for Industry at Interim Partners.

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