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How does a brand like Volkswagen EVER recover from such a scandal?

This blog almost writes itself, I surely don’t need to tell you about the Volkswagen Scandal.

I am more interested in your views on the questions it raises in my mind and undoubtedly in many other people’s minds:

  • How many teams and departments would have to have been involved to make this happen?
  • Has this idea stemmed from one very bright manager?  
  • Were engineering teams under so much pressure to get results that they thought this was a feasible work around?
  • Or it did it stem from elsewhere?
  • Are other car manufacturers doing the same?
  • What should the consequences for VW be?
  • How does a brand with such strong consumer loyalty and following ever restore confidence and trust in their products?


There are of course so many more questions, but I would be really keen to pick the brains of my very experienced executive network on the above. 

I look forward to hearing your views on what is a very contentious topic.


Claire Lauder is the Principal for Manufacturing & Engineering at Interim Partners. 

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