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Is independence the key to an interim's success?

In careers of many interim executives often comes a moment of having to make the choice: to take on the role permanently or not? 

One of our long-standing interims recently revealed the number of times our client offered him a permanent role on his most recent assignment. 

He also shared with me why he had chosen to turn the offer down every single time: 'The minute I sign a contract, I lose the ability to effect change free from any concerns about internal politics or job security'.

While it is a flattering offer and rewarding to know your contribution to the business is appreciated, the freedom is precisely the reason some senior executives choose the career in interim management. Arguably, the fact that interims are able to find the solution, see it through and move on to the next assignment before they get involved in any internal politics allows them to act boldly and efficiently.

It takes a certain person to be able to live that lifestyle, enjoy it and be successful at it.

How important is that contractual independence to you? How big a part do you feel it plays in your ability to be effective?

Keen to hear the thoughts of our interim community.

Paul Phillips is the Director for Business & Support Sciences at Interim Partners. 

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