Leaving the recession in the rear-view mirror

2015 Research White Paper

In the first half of this decade, interim executives played an invaluable role helping steer organisations through the aftermath of the shocks of the banking crisis and the recession.

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After navigating through a morass of cost cutting, balance sheet restructuring and periods of volatile and uncertain financial forecasting, UK Plc is starting to see the road ahead clear.

It does seem that the second half of this decade will finally see the UK enter a period of more stable growth – where at least some of the potential shocks to the UK economy seem more containable. If so, what will be the impact – both in the boardroom and for interim executives? What skills and functions will be most in demand? How are requirements for, and perceptions of, interim managers changing in more positive economic conditions?

As firms look to take advantage of growth opportunities without expanding their fixed cost base too rapidly, interims are increasingly providing the specialist skills and expertise they need to deliver specific projects or to effect major change, either in place of or to supplement existing internal resources.

The role interim executives play is becoming more and more strategic. They are being asked to take control of businesscritical programmes as firms position themselves for the future helping drive organic growth and ensuring that post M&A integration delivers real value.

This annual research amongst the UK’s community of interim executives looks at how the value interim managers bring to organisations is evolving, how demand is changing and where the greatest opportunities for interims lie. It also looks at the insight interim managers provide, focusing on their view of the new challenges and opportunities facing UK businesses today.

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