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Make tomorrow faster than today or become relegated to yesterday

What does the TMT landscape look like for the remainder of 2015? Well, as we casually send a UAV drone into “The Cloud” to take a look, and stream the data back to our latest smartphones using various options of Wi-Fi, the undeniable fact is that the TMT space is a constantly shifting landscape, driven by competition, huge volumes of start-ups, innovation and consumer impatience. If we can do something more quickly, we’ll buy it!


So what is it that we want next? Has technological advancement become so commonplace that we are becoming desensitised to progress? Are we less ‘wow’d or astounded by the fact that we can now unlock our phones and laptops with just a fingerprint? C’mon, this is awesome stuff and was but a pipedream when we watched Captain Kirk do it on the Enterprise!

We’re certainly more impatient and we certainly take a lot more for granted nowadays. We cringe when we slip into an area that makes our phones drop from 4G to 3G, knowing that streaming video-on-demand will take that little bit longer. Heaven help us if our phone drops to GPRS…

It was only 5 minutes ago that GPRS was our trendy, high-speed tool for downloading data on handsets, replacing WAP, which let’s face it…. if you wanted an HD 1080p mucky video, good luck! So has the pace of evolution slowed down or has our ability to be surprised by it diminished?

It wasn’t a million years ago when we would shop around amongst mobile service providers trying to get the best tariffs - the free minutes, the unlimited texts. Now, who the hell cares? Connect to Wi-Fi and it’s all free; we don’t even need mobile phone reception to make a call anymore. And when did we become so demanding? Video on demand, TV on demand, food from one corner of the world delivered to the other, cars ordered with one click and available immediately… the list goes on. We’ve become hooked on speed and so utterly reliant on tech companies to feed that addiction by evolving what we already have. Without them we’ll surely self-combust.

Returning to smartphones, the much anticipated iPhone 7 (or 6s) isn’t out yet, but analysts already predict we’re ready as a nation to spend approximately £1bn in 2015 upgrading to it. That is pretty cut and dried!

None of this is a bad thing, though. We want faster wifi, we can get it. We want faster 4G, it’s there! We want our Internet purchases delivered tomorrow, it’s done! Certainly it’s now got to be Amazon Prime, because the standard 3-5 working days delivery isn’t fast enough anymore. I guess what I am trying to say here is “enjoy it”. Savour the progress and embrace the next phase of everything. You won’t need to wait too long!

Richard Lindsay is the Principal for TMT at Interim Partners. 

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