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The National Manufacturing Debate 2015 - Have your say!

Great news reported last week: according to Markit Purchasing Managers Index, U.K. manufacturing grew at the fastest in eight months in March, in addition to new export orders being at their highest level in seven months. The positive news stories keep appearing, shining the spotlight on the UK manufacturing sector. However, many working within the sector are still concerned about the access to finance, uncertain government policy, skills shortages and rising energy costs. 



I have been liaising with Professor Rajkumar Roy of Cranfield University about the forthcoming National Manufacturing Debate where they will be discussing UK Reshoring Capability. Raj is interested in your views and would like you to complete the below survey and, even better, attend the debate on the 20th May.

As you know, I feel strongly about the UK manufacturing sector, recruiting in to it since 2012. This is largely because the people I meet are truly passionate about the sector. The debate is a great opportunity to voice your thoughts on the challenges facing UK manufacturing and the possibility to increase reshoring. It would be great if you can take the time to complete the below questionnaire and, of course, share your comments on my blog.

On behalf of Professor Raj Roy:

“ We are conducting a nationwide survey to understand the factors and capabilities required to support UK Manufacturing Reshoring effort in companies. We understand you or your organisation has been involved in reshoring to the UK. We would like to invite you to complete the questionnaire to capture your views by 15th of April 2015.

We shall publish a white paper on ‘UK Reshoring Capability’ on the 20th of May at the National Manufacturing Debate (NMD). We also invite you to join the debate and have your say in this very important discussion, please register asap (and it is free).

The survey is part of a 12 man month research effort to establish the facts on UK Reshoring. Once again, many thanks for your participation and look forward to meet you at the NMD!

Regards, Raj  


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