Do we really switch off on holiday?

17 June 2015

“Leave your phone in plain view on the table every time you visit a café. If you're lucky, it will get pinched.”

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Price vs. Value: Reflections on NHS Confed 2015

15 June 2015

The NHS holds a special place in my heart. I placed my first contractor at Guy’s & St Thomas’ in 1993 and have retained a strong interest in all things NHS ever since, as a business partner, a service user and a tax payer.

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The best recruitment advert ever?

8 June 2015

If you thought that the digital era was going to herald a new dawn in creative recruitment advertising, then you only have to look at recruitment adverts: the same old clichés are lurking in most.  

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A&E Crisis ‘Biggest in over a decade’: what can be done?

29 May 2015

The care that people receive in our Emergency Departments is one of the measures by which the NHS as a whole is judged.

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Volunteers Week 2015 - #WhatWillYouDo

28 May 2015

"We’re thrilled that Interim Partners have chosen to partner with us. "

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Service and quality: key drivers for recruitment industry in 2015

21 May 2015

Just how much value do employers think recruitment companies add to the process? What do employers think the recruitment industry is doing right and what is being done wrong?

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Questions for your interim provider

18 May 2015

Before you drive up to Grimsby on a Tuesday evening on a wild goose chase/interview you might want to ask your interim provider / recruiter some of the following questions... 

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Bleary eyed?

8 May 2015

Are you waking up after a long night of election results? Were you also lulled by the "closest competition of a generation" billboard? It didn't quite live up to that, did it? 

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What is the impact of the General Election result on NHS finances?

7 May 2015

Tomorrow UK voters will go to the ballot box to vote in what the polls suggest, will be a close election race with multiple possibilities for which party or parties will form the next government.  

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Your questions for the Cranfield University National Manufacturing reshoring debate please!

6 May 2015

On the 20th May I am attending the Cranfield University National Manufacturing debate which will be discussing re-shoring.

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