Volunteers Week 2015 - #WhatWillYouDo

28 May 2015

"We’re thrilled that Interim Partners have chosen to partner with us. "

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Questions for your interim provider

18 May 2015

Before you drive up to Grimsby on a Tuesday evening on a wild goose chase/interview you might want to ask your interim provider / recruiter some of the following questions... 

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Bleary eyed?

8 May 2015

Are you waking up after a long night of election results? Were you also lulled by the "closest competition of a generation" billboard? It didn't quite live up to that, did it? 

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What is the impact of the General Election result on NHS finances?

7 May 2015

Tomorrow UK voters will go to the ballot box to vote in what the polls suggest, will be a close election race with multiple possibilities for which party or parties will form the next government.  

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Your questions for the Cranfield University National Manufacturing reshoring debate please!

6 May 2015

On the 20th May I am attending the Cranfield University National Manufacturing debate which will be discussing re-shoring.

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Are recruiters becoming obsolete?

5 May 2015

Recruiters have often attracted mixed opinions over their role, their worth in today’s market and their consulting fees (perceived by some as exorbitant). Some businesses rely on and subscribe to the recruiter services religiously...

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Trending, it’s all about trending…

28 April 2015

It’s been an interesting start to the year in the PE space for us with so many positive factors to consider, as well as one or two worrying ones.  

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5 reasons why cycling is good for business

27 April 2015

Fit people are healthier, it’s a fact. By cycling you are much less likely to pick up the hideous germs so prevalent on public transport. 

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24 April 2015

This week is Responsible Business Week, and companies have been celebrating and shouting out about what they are doing in the community and the positive change they are making to society.  And so they should! 

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“You can call me Al”

21 April 2015

I arrived at my desk last week and noticed I had a parcel waiting. It's always good to get a parcel, I am sure this feeling comes from childhood. Suffice to say – it was a good start to the day.

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