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Questions for your interim provider

Before you drive up to Grimsby on a Tuesday evening on a wild goose chase/interview you might want to ask your interim provider / recruiter some of the following questions. If they can’t answer them then you might want to wonder why. Don’t fire them off like you are reading the demands of a ransom note; just say you want to be prepared. They are all perfectly reasonable…

Am I meeting The MAN?

No, not gender specific MAN stands for the person with the Money (can they afford interim) the Authority (can they sign this off) and the Need (are they just seeing what’s out there or do they have a need?)


Is there a real job here?

Are you just filling up someone’s interview quotas for the week?


Am I in competition (how many others)?

Make a calculated decision – you might not want to be one of five.


Have we qualified a day rate in line with expectations + expenses?

Pretty self explanatory. Nothing worse than having an amazing interview then someone turning around and saying “we are paying pro-rata”.


How has this role come about?

Are you the 576th Interim to take this role? Are they getting through interims like Leeds United get through managers?


How urgent is it?

This will help you grasp the gravity of the situation and will definitely help you if you are immediately available.


How long is the contract?

Pretty self explanatory.


When will they make a decision?

The Supremes said it best. Set me free why don’t you, get out my life why don’t you, you don’t even love me, you just KEEP ME HANGING ON…


What are some of the big challenges the person hired will need to address?

What is the most important thing the person needs to do in the first month to be considered successful?

Both these will help you plan your interview preparation, you can sell to their needs using something like Neil Rackham’s SPIN.


Scott Hutchinson is the Principal for Food & Drink at Interim Partners.

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