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Shift in senior management?

What do... Aggreko, Centamin, Morrisons, Quindell, Tescos, Endemol, Berkadia, OMC (Outdoor Media Centre), Mattel Inc, Madalena Energy, Smiths Group, Active Energy, Sri Lankan Airlines and Nonnis foods all have in common?

All of the above have had changes to their Chairman, NED’s or CEO’s over the course of the last two months. I have tracked the movement of CEO’s and Chairmen since I started at Interim Partners back in September 2012 and this is the first time I have seen so much movement at this level. This is certainly a positive trend for the interim management market. Whilst the above businesses cover multiple sectors and countries, it will definitely mean there are more changes at board level to follow not just in these companies but also in the companies from which people are moving.

According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO survey UK CEOs are the most confident about business opportunities in Europe. Three out of five UK CEOs (61%) believe there are more growth opportunities for their company today compared to three years ago. The job market at the Senior Executive level has been stagnant for far too long because many CEO’s and board level executives went along with “better the devil you know” philosophy, meaning they were willing to sit tight and see what happens in the wider economy. Could we at last be witnessing the movement at the senior end of the market that is so desperately needed?

Your thoughts as always are appreciated amongst my wider interim community.

Claire Lauder is the Principal of Industry at Interim Partners.

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