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The Great British Manufacturing Renaissance, is it really happening?

EEF’s national conference is taking place on 26th February at the QEII Conference centre here in London.


As expected, they have a great panel and some of the questions they intend to discuss are listed below.

  • What are the trends that will define manufacturing competitiveness over the next 20 years and those which require the collaboration of policy makers and business leaders?
  • What are the top differentiators that will define the future of the sector and our businesses?
  • What will the factory of the future look like?
  • Will resource scarcity challenges provide opportunities for governments and markets to get ahead?
  • What is best practice and leading manufacturers doing to compete, innovate and grow?

There is still a huge amount of uncertainty for manufacturers in the UK particularly with the looming General Election as well as a consistently wobbly Eurozone. On the plus side the price of oil is at an all-time low, which should definitely help manufacturers throughout 2015. I daren’t add up the number of combined years’ of experience my network has in manufacturing but it is without doubt in the 1000’s. I would like to hear from those still firmly operating in the manufacturing arena as to whether YOU feel like there is a British Manufacturing Renaissance taking place. Please do share your thoughts for the benefit of your manufacturing peers within my network, and to continue this conversation on social media please use #ukmanufacturingrevival.

Claire Lauder is the Principal for Industry at Interim Partners

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