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Tougher times for the NHS as winter draws in

I am delighted to have recently joined Interim Partners as Principal for the North of England in Health. My focus is on working with NHS Provider Trusts, which is where I have specialised for the latter part of my 20-year recruitment career.

I assist Boards, Directors and others within the Healthcare Industry that need support in roles from Band 8b to VSM, by providing experienced Interim Managers to add value to the patient experience.

I am currently building new relationships with both talented Interim Managers and Provider Trusts – so do please get in touch if you would like to discuss any current or future requirements.

Winter is drawing in again and this is normally a time when Interim Managers who work in the NHS are historically very busy. According to some, "winter schemes have been running all year" and some Trusts are having to open extra beds to cope with admission levels. 

Last year several “major incidents” were called in A&E and I remember working to 24 hours’ notice to find suitably qualified interims available to work at short notice to support over Christmas. I am certain that these “life saving interims” helped provide the best available care over a time of year when people particularly want to be at home.  I ask myself, with the government's proposed cap on Agency spend due to take effect from 23rd November this year, will interims be rewarded enough for their spontaneous efforts and more importantly "What is the cost of saving a life?". 

Of particular interest to me will be Jeremy Hunt’s last ditch effort to buy off a threatened Doctors’ strike and what the impact of this will be on the Agency Market and the proposed cap on spend.  I expect many Interim Managers will be watching this outcome too, as the result of this will undoubtedly have an underlying effect moving forward on all of them.

As a team, we are very conscious that our work has a major impact on helping those who have to spend time in hospital. Many of our interims work within the Emergency Departments of hospitals and are integral to the smooth running of what are - by their very nature - hectic and critically important departments. The results we deliver speak for themselves

We are often required to work under tight time constraints to support our clients with urgent staffing requirements - so knowing the interim managers' market well is crucial for success. To discuss how we can help you, please get in touch on 01423 531 022 or via

Denise Raw is the Principal for Healthcare at Interim Partners.

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