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Volunteers Week 2015 - #WhatWillYouDo

A guest blog from our charity partners: the Harrogate & Ripon Volunteer Centre 

We’re thrilled that Interim Partners have chosen to partner with us. 

Their Harrogate team recently gave their time to run a workshop on writing effective volunteer recruitment ads. The local charities we support were delighted with the results. We thought we would put some of what we learnt into practice by selling the benefits of becoming a skilled volunteer to you.


Our attention grabbing headline… 

Are you a professional? Do you have a skill which could benefit a charitable cause? 

We match people from a wide range of professions, including lawyers, web designers, accountants and business consultants with charities who need their skills. 

Volunteers Week runs from 1st-7th June and this year we are inviting skilled professionals like you to get inspired, take up the challenge and get involved in volunteering. 


Objection handling

“I don’t have the time to volunteer”

For many of us work, family, deadlines and life can get in the way of our best intentions. We help solve this by finding flexible opportunities for skilled volunteers to fit around any existing commitments. 


“Will I be able to use my skills?”

Gardening, caring or admin might not be your “thing”, but charities also need professionals who can offer skills such as accounting, marketing, business planning and strategic decision making. 


What’s in it for me?

Volunteering in a skilled role can be a great way of making a real contribution to the community in which you work or live. You get opportunities to use your skills and develop new ones. You also benefit from the social connections that volunteering offers and experience the buzz of giving something back. 

The Volunteer Centre’s Chief Executive, Karen Weaver, volunteered for many years as a school governor, she explains: “Being a school governor was a great opportunity for me to use my own work-based skills and experience in a different setting. It’s not about being hands-on or interfering, but about being able to ask the right questions, provide a degree of challenge and always focus on the needs of the pupils. Spending time in school with the staff and pupils was always so rewarding and inspiring, and great fun too.”


Our ‘Call to action’

Take a look at our listing of the top skilled volunteer roles on offer in the Harrogate District: 


Please contact Harrogate & Ripon Volunteer Centre for free advice on 01423 509 004 or email 


@HgateRiponVC           #WhatWillYouDo


For UK wide trustee opportunities visit the Do-it website 





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