Adapting to a world of opportunities

2016 Research White Paper

The cross-sector value that interim executives bring to UK organisations has been firmly established, as interims have helped firms navigate through a difficult period following the recession. 

However, over the last 12 months, potential threats to the market have raised challenges for businesses and interims alike.

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2016 White Paper

The recovery of the economy has not been as strong or as rapid as hoped, while the UK faces political uncertainty around the future of its relationships with Europe and the US. In a climate of tightening central government restrictions on business, and continued public pressure on executive remuneration, boardrooms and interims must both adapt in order to succeed.

Adaptation and managing change are key themes of this White Paper, which is the result of annual research by Interim Partners. We have analysed the responses of over 400 top UK senior executives to a survey on the role of interims in the private and public sectors, and the effects of changes in the current economic and political landscapes. 

Our research reveals the emphasis that interims are putting on being adaptable to change, by capitalising on new areas of expansion, adapting to new market requirements and seizing opportunities that promote organic growth.

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