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An Interim is like a dentist!

Guest blog by Frank Walsh, President of Association of Manufacturing Excellence – UK


Dentist tools

No one likes going to the dentist - they avoid it at all costs (as it does cost). They succumb because they are in discomfort, distress and sometimes in a lot of pain. So they call in a dentist at great costs to remove the misery.

A good dentist removes the distress quickly and begins the process of recovery. The client then after a time realises that the pain has now gone and asks the question "why am i still paying for a dentist?"

So the dentist leaves and the client slowly reverts back to eating sweets once again. Months, and sometimes years, later the pain returns and the client looks to a new dentist so as to avoid the chastising of the original dentist!

What the client needs to do is find their own in-house dentist, avoiding pain, distress and cost. It's like pulling teeth sometimes!

The best way I have seen over the years is a new and exciting lean leader programme, consisting of six modules for management and supervisors.

Go on, create your own dentist!!

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