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B2G: more than your career's worth?

The world of Outsourcing has, once again, come in for criticism of late. 

This time we’re reading about the staff actions at the Medway youth offenders centre. G4S is being paid for looking after empty beds in a secure training centre (STC) that is the focus of allegations of widespread abuse by staff, the Guardian reported.  

The shadow home secretary, Andy Burnham, said G4S was running rings round the government and the public was losing confidence in its cosy relationship with the firm.

In light of the wider context of Corporate Renewal that government has forced onto G4S and Serco, as well as the disastrous impact a few rogue contracts on share prices, it begs the question: Is B2G more trouble than it’s worth?  

Is the risk of becoming a political punch bag too great in the current climate? Is profit a dirty word in the current climate? Or is there simply too much business for any sane Support Services exec to turn away?!

Paul Phillips is the Director for Industry at Interim Partners.

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