Banking: tackling the new strategic challenges

The banking sector is no stranger to change. Just as the challenges of the global financial crisis start to ease, the sector faces a new set of strategic challenges:

  • increased regulatory burden
  • growing competition from new market entrants
  • the threat and opportunity of the industry’s shift to digital

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New and innovative challenger banks are already gaining market share from more established rivals often using disruptive technology to stay nimble and create enviable cost to income ratios.

There is a growing concern that the regulatory and tax burden on banks of all sizes represents both an obstacle to profitability and a challenge to the UK’s competitiveness. Two thirds of senior banking executives we surveyed think that tighter banking regulations are beginning to harm the Britain’s international competitiveness.

However, banking executives are now much more positive about the opportunities for growth in the banking sector, with much of that asset growth expected to be driven by banks increasing their lending to SMEs.

With interim managers occupying some of the most senior roles in the banking sector, we took a detailed look at their views on the current state of the sector and its immediate future.

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