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UK Manufacturing – should we care more?

Having met an interim executive who is extremely passionate about Manufacturing in the UK I started thinking: why, as country, we aren’t more adoring of our nation’s Industrial homemade goods? What are the real reasons behind that shift? 

I appreciate that manufacturing of certain products is cheaper abroad, but surely not everything? And certainly quality and traditions are of equal importance? 

It seems that as a nation we sit back and allow things to pass us by without standing up to be heard. What could be the reason behind this?

This year’s Annual Manufacturing Report  says that “Once again, the Government’s handling of the economy is regarded as good overall, but less so when it comes to manufacturing, specifically.” Do some of the answers lay well and truly on the government’s lap?

Well, according to the recent report less than 12% expressed negative views on how the economy is being managed. All in all the view has improved in the last year but what can we do to change that further? What should we be doing as individuals? 

Should we source more products that were made in the UK? Is there a better way to support our local businesses? I came across a website passionate about this very subject.

What are your thoughts? I’m keen to hear from those of you who don’t care whether we have a UK manufacturing sector and from those who, like me, are passionate about keeping it alive!

Sarah Simpson is the Principal of  Manufacturing at Interim Partners.

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