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What is the effect of Britain’s EU referendum on business activity?

According to the UK Government, ‘Voting to leave the EU would create years of uncertainty and potential economic disruption. This would reduce investment and cost jobs.’ 

Surely we will look to strike a deal immediately upon leaving to ensure the EU still has access to our market? But exactly what would happen will depend on the precise terms of any exit agreement and te new UK-EU relationship. 

No matter what will happen, businesses will still need to operate and concentrate on growth or turnaround. 

Keeping our economy stable is still at the top of everyone’s agenda. Things going on hold are not going to bring any benefits to our country in the long term.   

According to the UK Government, ‘Voting to leave the EU would create years of uncertainty and potential economic disruption. This would reduce investment and cost jobs.’ 

Isn’t that happening already? 

According to the Office of National Statistics, the total production output is estimated to have decreased overall by 0.4% between Quarter 4 2015 and Quarter 1 2016 - this was all after a positive start in January where total production is estimated to have increased by 0.3% between December 2015 and January 2016. Is the "project fear" working or are we using this period of uncertainty to avoid making decisions?


Sarah Simpson is the Principal of  Manufacturing at Interim Partners.

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