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Why we need to remain part of the EU

Guest blog by Frank Walsh, President of Association of Manufacturing Excellence – UK


Every single independent financial institution in the world has declared that Britain would go into a recession.

A resurgent Russia and an unstable world. We will all be more secure and safe as a united body than a small island.

Free trade stops wars. Period. We have been so fortunate not to have the threat of impeding conflict within Europe for over 70 years. Before that history clearly shows conflicts going back centuries. How do we police a stretch of water like the English channel? Remember the Cod wars of the 1970’s?

I think we will remain on 23rd June and I believe it will be a majority verdict. The pollsters and pundits got it all wrong in the general election. Do not underestimate the intelligence of the electorate. When they think it’s their children’s future, then they will vote in their masses for economic stability and a safe secure Europe every time. 

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