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Has Brexit played a part in our Olympic success?

Having been engrossed in the Olympics for the past two weeks and now looking forward to the Paralympics, I picked up a well-known daily paper this morning for my commute to the office and felt a sense of pride looking at all the British Olympians on the cover. It made me think “yes, I am British and proud of our achievements as a nation.”

Olympics image

It also made me think about Brexit and all the doom and gloom that has been bestowed upon us since we decided to leave. I am now reading more articles about the impact of Brexit not being as detrimental as once anticipated, although we all know it’s still a long road ahead and an insurmountable list of unknowns await us! As a nation however, negativity seems to spur us on to prove that we can achieve what some consider unachievable.

We are a sporting superpower according to the bosses that masterminded Team GB’s target busting Olympics campaign. “We’re making sporting history – 67 medals, nearly 130 medallists, across 19 sports,’ said UK Sport chief executive Liz Nicholl. “Even the sporting superpowers haven’t done that in the past, but we are one of those now.”

Prime Minister Theresa May tweeted: ‘Rio will be remembered as a history making Olympics for Britain.’ 

I know some people will say, “what does Brexit have to do with our Olympic success?” Are the two connected? Is there that extra drive as a result of Brexit, no matter how small that spurs people on?

Suzanne Moore comments: “After the ugliness in the run-up to the Brexit vote and immediately afterwards, we were reminded of the best of ourselves in Rio. That is a real victory.”

I am interested to hear your opinion!


Linda Jureidini-Cox is the Principal of CIO at Interim Partners.

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