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Interim vs Temp: what’s the difference?

Do most people know the difference between Interims and temporary staff?

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Those of us who recruit into the NHS know that there has always been a heavy reliance on agency staff across both clinical and non-clinical areas. Having been recruiting into NHS non-clinical areas for eight years, it seems that often clients simply require a temporary worker to cover a substantive job role where the incumbent has either left, been moved to another role or is on long term leave.

An interim, however, is regarded as an expert in their field, highly experienced and an influencer who delivers change, achieves set objectives and leaves a legacy behind.

With all the pressure on spending in the NHS, have we seen the end of temporary workers? Will the directive be to merely cover any substantive job vacancies through job shares to save costs? What about Interims? More and more we are seeing increased scrutiny and tighter budgetary constraints for NHS organisations, which significantly impacts the interim market. However, if an organisation is in need of significant change, who will drive that change and where do you get the experience and expertise you need? 

Management consultants cost a small fortune and are often the first port of call for NHS organisations in need, but what do they deliver? Could a small portion of that money be better spent by bringing in a team of tried and tested interims with exemplary NHS-specific track record?

This is precisely the talent we provide at Interim Partners. Our network of Interims are experienced in delivering large scale turnaround programmes and savings and provide clients with real results. We demonstrate the value of those interims through our Return on Interim (ROI) methodology. We use our cloud-based performance management system to track the individuals progress versus their pre-agreed objectives helping our clients see how their financial investment in an interim is paying off.

Wouldn’t this be a better part of a solution to help failing organisations meet their financial and operational obligations?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Rob Jefferies is the Principal of Public Sector.

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