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Linda Jureidini-Cox joins Interim Partners’ Public Sector Practice

I have continued my recruitment journey which has taken me from the UK to the USA, Canada, Singapore, then back again over a small period of 20 years. Where did that time go?!

Having spent a considerable period at a leading global recruitment firm and finally getting the 13 year’ itch, I moved to join Interim Partners in April 2016 to lead the Interim CIO Public Sector practice.   

My practice has a multi-functional focus delivering senior interim expertise across the Public Sector to include supply to central government, local government, agencies, not for profit and the wider healthcare sector.  The healthcare focus extends across community, mental health and acute providers, as well as CCGs and Commissioning Support.  

I provide interim managers solutions on a ‘gap fill’ basis, to manage a turnaround or to safely guide an organisation through a period of transformational change.

Interim Partners was established in 2003 and comprises of sector-focused specialist teams. The opportunity to join a great business that was voted best UK Interim Management Service Provider by Institute of Interim Management in 2013 and remained in the Top 3, was very compelling. The public sector team is very experienced and Interim Partners places an emphasis on maintaining deep relationships and working in a consultative partnership, which mirrors my own approach.

Life before Interim Partners

For those candidates and clients that know me I am probably best associated with the public sector business I built and delivered during my time at Hudson Global Resources, where I spent a short 13 years! The recruitment industry has enabled me to combine my two great passions: talent search and worldwide travel.  

Starting life as a contract IT recruiter in Godalming Surrey, I have seen the world of “IT” (or should I say “Digital”) change substantially over the years, with the recruitment market taking on very different approaches.  However the one key factor that we will never lose is that the recruitment business is all about the people and whatever approach we take people and relationships will always be at the forefront.  

Post Godalming days, I moved to California attracted by the Computer Weekly advert that asked the question “do you want to wake up to the sunshine and beach every day? If so, apply here”.  Well, I didn’t need asking twice and moved to the sunny USA to build an IT recruitment business attracting and relocating IT talent from the UK, Australia and South Africa to California. This was followed by a period in Singapore building an executive search practice in the telecommunications market.  

The pull of the English climate drew me back to the UK and I returned, joining Hudson and my next challenge building a new public sector business from scratch. People often ask me: California or London? Both have offered me fantastic experiences and life styles. Perhaps one day I will retire to the beach in Malibu once I have made my millions!

So what will 2016 and beyond bring?

Having successfully recruited IT talent for clients globally in the public and private sector over two decades, I am sticking with what I know: working with the best interim CIO talent in the industry, enabling my public sector clients to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of my CIO talent pool.

I am delighted to join Interim Partners and look forward to a very exciting year ahead.

Linda Jureidini-Cox is the Principal consultant for the Public Sector CIO Practice at Interim Partners.  

She can be reached directly on 0207 822 7434 or email


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10 Feb 2016 14:36 PM

Hot from the press.

"George Osborne's "march of the makers" has long been reminiscent of one of General Melchett's advances in Blackadder Goes Forth. But after the nasty shock provided by this morning's official industrial production figures the march is turning into a full-blown retreat.

The City had expected a slowdown because the mild weather led to a big reduction in output from the energy sector. But even factoring that in, the 1.1 per cent decline was a full percentage point worse than the number economists had pencilled in. Underneath the headline industrial production figures, manufacturing output dipped in December, marking three months of declines in a row.

The figures make it likely that GDP growth for the final quarter will be trimmed when the data are revised, from an already lacklustre 0.5 per cent growth. It also makes it less likely that we will see interest rates rise this year.

There are reasons for optimism: the latest survey data suggests things have picked up a little and the dip in sterling in recent months will help manufacturers sell their wares abroad.

Mr Osborne will be able to point out that weak export markets are doing much of the damage, but separate data from the Bank of England's Regional Agents this morning shows that domestic output is stagnating too, its worst performance in three years.

Nearly five years on from Mr Osborne's "march of the makers" budget speech, it looks like he has some explaining to do.

Marcus Leroux
Industrial Correpsondent
The Times"

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