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Three peaks: we did it!

Well we did it! It was not easy, in fact it was far more difficult than any of us had prepared for but we completed it and managed to raise over £7,000 for our charity partners.

Three Peaks

We set off at 7am in the rain following a night’s sleep in a slightly tired B&B. Fuelled by bacon sarnies we completed the first peak in little under an hour and a half. This undoubtedly gave us a false sense of security. Dare I say it, but the first climb was relatively easy, until the last part which was a steep climb up a rock face just as the fog closed in and visibility dropped so that you could only see the person directly in front of you.

On the descent of the first peak the clouds cleared, the rain stopped and we had intermittent bursts of sunshine. I certainly did not factor in the eight mile walk between the first two peaks.

Whernside (the second climb) looked okay - a longer distance but a fairly gradual incline. In reality, it was a slog. Each time we thought we had reached the top there was more to climb, and then some more. When we arrived at the top we felt a great sense of achievement and spirits were high as we completed two of the three peaks.  

However, the elation was short lived as we realised how difficult the descent down was. Steep, rocky and barely enough space to place your foot in its natural forward facing position. The descent, whilst shorter than the climb, was much more unpleasant. This is when I started to creak and ache - my knees and hips were really sore. Fuelled by Nurofen we finally reached the base.

Onwards to Ingleborough, the final stretch, by which point people’s injuries started making themselves known, with some either having to stop or take long breaks. The walk to the next peak felt quite quick but when we saw the final climb we whimpered. We were tired, aching, and ready to go home and suddenly the final climb seemed to be the most daunting of all. You could see the top of what you were going to climb and it was steep, very steep and very rocky. Towards the top we had to climb on all fours. Looking up or down was not an option. My strategy was then to simply to concentrate at where I need to place my hands and feet for the next step only.

We reached the top with no major injuries and began the very long walk home. I can wholeheartedly say that it was support, in both sponsorship and well wishes, that kept me going and determined to complete all three peaks.

I undoubtedly have the most generous and supportive network both for this event and previous events. So I just want to say a huge thank you to all of those people that sponsored and supported us on what was our most ambitious challenge yet!

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