Navigating the ever-changing landscape

2017 Research White Paper

The past 10 years have seen UK business navigate through the banking crisis and the resulting aftershock of a double dip recession. Just as we emerged from this period and began to breathe a sigh of relief, the biggest change expected to hit in a generation emerged in the shape of Brexit, bringing with it immense uncertainty for what the future holds for the UK and Europe.


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Read the Telegraph article based on our findings (30 June 2017). 

White paper

The unknown challenges of Brexit combined with a minority government and new legislation (IR35, GDPR), and continually evolving digital disruption has left UK businesses in a state of perpetual change with no end in sight.

Our annual research draws on the views of 720 senior business leaders operating within interim management and those who retain their services to understand the value executive interim managers deliver.

As we investigate the challenges of an ever-shifting landscape, we focus on the areas of priority across the public and private sectors to understand what skills and expertise will be most in demand in 2017 and beyond.

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