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Is it time to flex on the robust price caps?

Having a long break over the Christmas period is a restful gift, however, it makes the first week back at work an extremely hectic one. Catching up on the healthcare news, Chris Ham’s article “2017 is a make or break year for the forward view” caught my eye.

NHS price caps

“An epic struggle is occurring within the NHS to sustain current services and at the same time transform how care is delivered to better meet changing needs”, writes Chris Ham.

This is an ongoing theme for many of our clients across the UK. Without doubt, sustainability and transformation plans will be the biggest challenge that NHS leaders face this year. Ham writes about what needs to be done, but my question is how?

Ham says STP’s must be backed up by resource and not become lost in the huge drive to get performance back on track. But is the NHS its own worst enemy?

2016 saw the acceleration of price caps across the interim market, many organisations have reported savings and the media shouted about highly paid interims on a regular basis. In short, it worked, on a level. But if organisations are to achieve the strong ambitions they have laid down in their STPs, resource is needed.

Focusing on the senior end of the market, the NHS needs high level executives to carry it through what will be a very tough 2017. Strong, visible leadership underpins the success of many high performing organisations. The NHS in no exception and with strong leadership lacking in some areas, are interim executives the answer?

Is it time to flex on the robust price caps? Or could there be an alternative to create a win-win situation? I would value your thoughts on this subject.

STP’s are a story of improvement in the short, medium and longer term and a blueprint for accelerating the implementation of the Five Year Forward View. We are a partner to the NHS, providing specialist talent at a senior level to enable health economies to deliver against their STP’s.


Claire Carter is Director of Public Sector at Interim Partners 

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