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Time, there's not enough of it!

Whichever industry you work in, we are all connected by the same challenge –there is never enough time.  

I had a conversation today with a CFO of a medium sized CCG that requires improvement. We were discussing the on boarding of the new Interim Director of Commissioning I have just recruited and she said to me: “Claire, I don’t meet with recruiters as I simply don’t have the time for the number of requests.” 

This got me thinking...


Not enough time

In the eyes of a client, it’s easy for agencies to appear the same on the surface. How do you stand out? How do you get that first opportunity to prove that you are different? How do you really demonstrate that you are not just a mid-market recruiter? 

Let me tell you why Interim Partners is different...

1. Our methodology is unique

The approach we take is unique - finding the right person, with the right skills, quickly is just a small part of what we do. Success for us is enabling you to achieve your desired outcomes. Our Return on Interim methodology defines, measures and demonstrates success.

2. We start with the end goal in mind

Our absolute focus is on delivering ROI, better performance and financial improvement. By understanding your business challenge, we define the perfect strategy and appoint the right people to deliver success. We don’t ask the question; “what background do you need?”  We ask “what do you need delivered?” 

3. We are market intelligence led

Our consultants are true experts in their chosen markets. We work with our customers on a daily basis to understand what their big business challenges are. We anticipate need before the client knows what they are looking for.

4. We invest in good face cream

You wouldn’t think it when you meet us, but the average experience amongst our consultant population is 18 years. We know what we are doing. This is over three times the average years of experience in a mid-market recruiter.

The interesting thing is, many of us who work at Interim Partners began our careers in mainstream recruiters. We have grown up in that environment and taken our experience of these businesses and combined it with the best aspects of consultancy to create a methodology that delivers for our clients. 

Interim Partners is different. Fact. 

Claire Carter is Director of the Public Sector.


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