Diagnosis, Delivery and Diversity

24 April 2018


Joel Kirkland talks to Jean-Luc Bressard on programme delivery and organisational diversity. "Without 100% C-Suite commitment and support, any Programme Director - however qualified and skilled - will struggle to deliver successfully."

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Exporting NHS restructuring experience to the Middle East

24 April 2018


Denise Raw, Principal of Health at Interim Partners, talks to Pelham Allen, a very experienced turnaround director, about his successful career within Healthcare and why he has taken on the challenge of helping Saudi Arabia to build first class hospital services.

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Boards of the Future – The modern ‘Plural Career’

17 April 2018


With the increased legal responsibility on Non-Executive Directors through the new Senior Managers Regime we are seeing high quality talent not moving from their executive roles into the traditional plural NED career.

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The deep-seated sofa transformation

13 April 2018


Depending on the retailer’s omni-channel maturity, families browsing new furniture from the comfort of their current sofa can now take photos of their living room, upload them to the website, and place these virtual products into their own virtual homes...

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Customer transformation - How not to lose friends and alienate people

11 April 2018


With the backdrop of limited resources to deliver programmes designed to make services more efficient, varied and personalised, how best can leaders mitigate the downside risk?

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Interim Partners Guide to Interim Management

10 April 2018


This guide is designed to improve understanding of what Interim Management is - and what it isn’t.

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Mile wide/inch deep: Is this the sort of FM business that works best?

6 April 2018


In these challenging times for Facilities Management (FM) businesses I thought I'd pose the question "What type of FM business works best?"

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The promised land

4 April 2018


On Wednesday 4th April, the government has issued a final warning to businesses of 250 or more employees to report their gender pay gap by midnight. The government believes that these measures will contribute to increasing awareness and encouraging culture change.

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Andrew Weir on Cloud Services and AI

16 March 2018

60 Second interview with Andrew Weir, Senior Technology Advisor, on the development of Cloud Services, AI and challenges to the financial services sector.

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8 questions and 8 pillars - interview with Leon Labovitch

14 March 2018

8 pillars of change

Joel Kirkland interviews Leon Labovitch on his 8 Pillars of Change methodology ahead of the Interim Partners breakfast seminar.

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