Tea and Empathy – The positive power of a cup of tea (amongst other things) on service delivery

24 December 2018


I’m lucky enough to meet some incredible people in my work, one of whom is John Giesen. A passion that both John and I share is employee engagement and in particular, the positive feedthrough of highly engaged staff to the end-user customers; often called the employee engagement value chain.

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CQC Inspections – Interim solutions driving forward safer patient outcomes

11 December 2018


Denise Raw listens to Clare Forsyth about her work driving forward excellence within the Private Sector.

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Holidays are coming...

9 November 2018

chrismas bauble

One week into November and just over two weeks until Black Friday – the fierce competition for festive first place is ON. Christmas TV ads and festive window displays are both important levers that retailers can pull to drive loyalty, footfall and ultimately shareholder delight come January.

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A Career in Manufacturing? Yes please..

11 October 2018


When young people are contemplating their future careers, manufacturing and engineering may not automatically strike as the industry of choice!

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Private Care Growth - is that time now?

27 September 2018


With cancer waiting times at their worst level ever, I wonder how quickly this can actually be resolved moving forward?

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CV or not to CV, that is the question.

27 September 2018


Type into google the word CV and there are around 827,000,000 results. The top results being, ‘how to write a CV’, ‘how to write a successful CV’ and (the dreaded) ‘Free CV templates’. There are many ways to write a good CV and everyone will have their own opinion.

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Car manufacturers: survival of the fewest?

25 September 2018


Local Councils have been advocating the benefits of car sharing for many years now. However, whilst this may be an easier proposition to those living in a city, the reality of school runs and rural living makes it a less compelling proposition.

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Values-based decision making

29 August 2018


Joel Kirkland speaks to Denise Chong who has over 25 years' experience in HR. Her roles have been multi-national in nature, building and managing teams and driving change.

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Mike Ashley and the future of House of Fraser

27 August 2018

house of fraser

Mike Ashley’s plans for a dilapidated House of Fraser are beginning to emerge; and with them, tongues are wagging.

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Global gas

6 August 2018

global gas

Guest blog by Klaus Reinisch

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