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Employee engagement: how to do it right

Interim Partners recently hosted a breakfast seminar where Consultant CEO, Tim Pryce, spoke about his experiences of workforce empowerment and cultural change.  

employee engagement

Key take-aways from Tim’s presentation can be summarized in the following points:

  • Focus on continuation rather than just on improvement
  • Long-term benefits come from behavioural and cultural change
  • Involving people is key – they take responsibility and ownership
‘I call this The Valency Effect’

Essentially what Tim was saying is that for a business to succeed, all the elements of that business must combine effectively to create a positive outcome. To “transform” or “change” a business for the better, it must be the responsibility of every person within the organisation.

This got me thinking about employee engagement and how the UK businesses can ensure they are putting the right processes in place for this to occur naturally.

I would hazard a guess that most people reading this have, at some stage of their career, found themselves in a role where they didn’t feel entirely happy and/or motivated. This could be for a number of reasons - maybe their boss is unsupportive; perhaps the business doesn’t appear to value their contribution. Employee discontentment can take many shapes. But surely, with all we know, and with the studies that have been carried out in recent times, this basic human element should be one of the easiest problems to fix.

After all, allowing your employees the freedom, flexibility and power to make decisions and to work autonomously, has been proven to create more energised, capable and determined individuals.

And that can only be a good thing! Take the most successful business and mismanage it, then it will likely fail. However, take a business that wants to improve behaviors and transform, and with proper leadership, it will flourish.

With employee engagement, robust leadership and a workforce that feels valued and working to a common goal, people will want to take ownership and contribute effectively. This will in turn lead to business success. Get it wrong - it’s a race to the bottom.

So how can a business truly ensure employee engagement? In the first instance employers need to recognize that engagement isn’t something than can be imposed from the top. It's about creating a cultural shift in the way organisations behave. This includes (but isn’t exclusive to);


  • Leadership – it’s about having a vision and communicating it regularly and effectively
  • Trust – consistent behaviour and integrity build trust in your workforce
  • Listening – there was a reason a business employed who they have; listen to them

Every business will of course have their own identity and nuances but following these critical and - let’s be honest - straight forward processes, can impact positive change.

If you would like a consultation on cultural change, please get in touch with Karen on 01423 813 687 or 07977 400 115. We have a network of talented interim executives with experience in delivering similar programmes.


Karen Wightman is the Senior Consultant of the Manufacturing & Engineering practice at Interim Partners.

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