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Director - Health & Social Care, Housing, Local Government & Education

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Has Jeremy Hunt been promoted?!

We were promised a big reshuffle. I don’t think so, hardly anything happened.

Who did catch my eye was Jeremy Hunt. Has he really been promoted??

He is now responsible for two of the biggest challenges facing our government, leading and shaping a rebranded department combining both health and social care.

Is anyone else thinking what I am thinking? Is this decision a reward for failure?

Jeremy Hunt promotion

 The Government has spoken repeatedly of its wish to integrate health and social care, and most agree more collaborative working is the best way forward – this has been a great idea in principle, but painfully slow to get going.

Is this finally the catalyst that is required to convert rhetoric to action?

As you may recall, my recent thoughts on integration focused on where health meets housing. There is an untapped potential for providers to come together and deliver solutions to help ease the pressures of the NHS crisis. The inability to discharge medically fit patients from hospitals due to availability of onward care and support – is a key reason many hospitals are at dangerously high capacity levels year-round, not just in winter.

This amalgamation at the very least forces discussion and hopefully action in a structured fashion. Could this stop Peter robbing Paul in terms of budgets for health and social care?

Not an easy job. A poisoned chalice some may say.

Hunt is the longest-serving Health Minister in history since he was promoted in September 2012, but is Hunt the best man for the job or his he just a good negotiator in front of a weak PM?   

Your thoughts are welcome.

Claire Carter is Director of the Public Sector.


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