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Mile wide/inch deep: Is this the sort of FM business that works best?

In these challenging times for Facilities Management (FM) businesses I thought I'd pose the question "What type of FM business works best?"


Broadly speaking, FM businesses tend to be either customer-focused, providing all services to one client group or service-focused, one service to all customer types. 

Of course there are a range of different iterations here and many would argue that the top tier Total Facility Management (TFM) providers have got all the tools in their metaphorical tool box to be able to do both.

We’ve seen margins drop over the years and trading conditions getting ever tighter leading to the string of profit warnings in the sector and the collapse of Carillion.

With that in mind, I wonder whether it is better to be a larger business with high revenues and low margin or a smaller business with lower revenue but high margin?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Here at Interim Partners, we're very good at understanding where the pain points are in the businesses we work with. Working together with our clients were able to help define the problem, identify experts to work towards solving it, measure the progress along the specified roadmap and deliver the desired result. 

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