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"When there is no wind, row"

A day in the life of Karl Rego, a pluralist interim executive.

Karel Rego

Karl is an investor, entrepreneur, board advisor and speaker. He is a Dealmaker and a pluralist Interim Executive.

He has invested in and advised leading technology and life sciences businesses, and partners with top Venture Capital firms and challenger banks to shape funding deals. Having started his career at Johnson & Johnson in the US, his experience spans startups, scaleups, and large corporates across the UK and Europe as well. He now helps companies grow, raise funds and engage staff through a mix of hands-on support, advice and generous amounts of coaching.

Karl presented at our evening networking event for our pharmaceuticals, medical devices and technology community titled “Money Talks” on 20th June.

He will explain how he helps small to mid-market tech and life sciences companies grow, improve performance and raise funds. He will discuss the current funding landscape and the work he does with organisations to make them “investment ready”, as well as share some “dealmaking” tips. If you’re interested in attending, please get in touch

Karl says:

“I'm not the type to sit at home waiting for the phone to ring. If that happens, then I'm going to make someone else's phone ring! As the old adage says, "When there is no wind, row".


Here’s a typical day in the life of a pluralist interim executive:


Monday 8am

Skim FT headlines on global markets along with the NY Times "Dealbook Briefing", featuring Andrew Ross Sorkin (which I'd recommend as a great business and policy newsletter). Today's lead article: "China knows the art of the deal." Scan Private Equity International updates on fundraising to see what the major players are up to.



Advise an Insurtech startup on how to become more investment ready as they embark on their first institutional funding round. Having already shortlisted potential "smart money" investors, my team and I now help the company further refine their narrative, clarify their USP, update forecasts and think through their exit strategy.



Executive coaching: Do a mock interview/role play for a pluralist client who is changing industries and pursuing a senior Business Development position with a major asset management firm for frontier markets. 



Consulting call with a top 100 Private Equity firm in Chicago: I am retained via a professional knowledge network to advise on eClinical Trial solutions for Big Pharma.



Call to China: To touch base with the CEO of a PR/tech startup that helps UK SME's expand into China (I am Interim Chairman & board advisor for the business). She is currently in Shanghai convening 35 Family Office investors to discuss property deals.



Call with a Swiss Venture Capital firm: For my Welsh Medtech client to pitch for Series A funding. We debrief afterwards and I coach them on how to elegantly handle some tricky scenarios that arose on the call. We also discuss the outlook of their billionaire investor and other board members.



Discuss the launch of an “Investment Readiness Consulting Service” with Interim Partners as an offering for their clients who would like to raise funds or who are struggling to access finance.



"Startups Pitch for Investment" @Silicon Roundabout: I am an investor panellist at these monthly events, which typically draw an audience of around 100 entrepreneurs, investors and tech aficionados. It's a great way to stay up to speed and scout the market, plus you've got to "kiss a lot of frogs" in this business, after all.

I share the resultant dealflow with my analyst team for initial screening; we'll follow up where interested. I then dip into PayPal founder Peter Thiel's book "Zero to One" on the commute home.



Switch off! Over dinner I catch up on an episode of "Suits", starring Meghan Markle (now HRH, The Duchess of Sussex). I love the ingenious negotiations, plus I seriously considered law school myself before doing an MBA instead. Then it's off to the gym for a quick workout.


Joel Kirkland is the Senior Consultant specialising in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Technology at Interim Partners.

To discuss engaging Karl please contact him on 07768 853744 or

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