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Can the NHS and private healthcare providers work together?

Thanks to all those who managed to join us at the King’s Fund on the morning of the 28th February. “The Beast from the East” was after us and the snow lay heavily on Oxford Street as the Interim Partners team made their way to our breakfast seminar with Karen Jackson.

Karen Jackson – former interim CEO of Southport and Ormskirk hospital - gave a formidable account of her role as a Chief Executive and her experiences of how the Public Sector and Private Sector can work together. Karen’s enthusiasm for her work and the topic shone through, and we were all captivated about what she had to say and how she navigated her own way through both parties working together.

Karen responded confidently to questions from the audience around the real blockers to progress and explained what the bravest thing was about forming a new venture. Karen outlined issues surrounding partnerships and answered questions about failure of personal and organisational relationships and how they were overcome. 

She indicated that attempts at partnership sometimes failed due to a number of reasons but that when they worked the outcome for patients and staff was positive and inspirational. There was also general discussion around how smaller providers could break into the NHS and get their own opportunity recognised and how they would know they have a cost effective solution.

My experience of these events is always positive – just three days after the event the first collaboration from some of the attendees resulted in us partnering with an organisation looking for consultancy support. Not only did the we learn about the ways to collaborate and integrate within the Health Sector; the event also proved that integration and collaboration was at its best within the room with several parties discussing some exciting new opportunities.

A fine example of collaboration at its best!


Denise Raw is Principal - Public Sector 

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