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CQC Inspections – Interim solutions driving forward safer patient outcomes

Denise Raw listens to Clare Forsyth about her work driving forward excellence within the Private Sector.

hospital hallway

"I became an interim after a long period of time working for the NHS and in the private sector. The opportunity came for me to go to a hospital that was planning for its CQC inspection when its Head of Clinical Services had resigned. Within 3 weeks of starting this assignment the Hospital Manager also left and I was asked to become the interim Hospital Manager. So within 3 weeks the contract was extended from the original 3 months to 6 months. I finally completed 8 months in this assignment until a substantive Hospital Manager was appointed. This role culminated in the success of supporting this hospital to an “outstanding” CQC rating.  Ensuring that the CQC domains are considered from “well led” as the overarching umbrella through safe caring effective and responsive is the way that I can Influence the patient experience and outcomes in a senior role.

In this role and my next assignment, the pivotal role of regulation and the new CQC model really began to consolidate. This experience then led on to the successful appointment of my current assignment. Building confidence, experience and profile in this area of expertise will always be a learning curve for any interim.   Working as an interim allows exposure with different health organisations and colleagues learning about culture, organisational structures and processes of working, so that the best parts can be extracted and taken forward to the next challenge. It allows me to improve on a daily basis myself.  I also think about how my work affects the patient.

Attaining improvements in CQC inspection ratings through new structures and process gives great job satisfaction.  This is because this sets the level and enthusiasm for an organisation to strive to embed and embrace quality as a continuous improvement culture. There are very few healthcare organisation’s that have an “outstanding” CQC rating so I would measure my success by any improvement in the domains ratings and the overall rating.  Being able to build rapport quickly and easily at the start of each new assignment is vital.

I would thoroughly recommend working as an interim because it allows organisations to have immediate support when urgently required and offers a fresh objective view to any organisation striving for excellence.   The fact that the interim support has been specifically requested to Interim Partners (currently the number 1 UK interim Provider)  whom I work through means  the energy and ideas to move challenge’s forward are welcomed and these undoubtedly empower the substantive teams to go forward independently. This gives everyone the opportunity to achieve greater CQC results before their inspections and learn from others who have previously achieved outstanding ratings.

My work aspires for excellence and quality and as an interim I can make a quick, effective impact in a short period of time."

If you or your organisation need interim help towards an impending CQC inspection, please contact

Denise Raw is Principal - Private Care

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