CV or not to CV, that is the question.

Type into google the word CV and there are around 827,000,000 results. The top results being, ‘how to write a CV’, ‘how to write a successful CV’ and (the dreaded) ‘Free CV templates’. There are many ways to write a good CV and everyone will have their own opinion.


Whilst at school I was advised to staple a tea bag to my CV, instructing the reader to have a cup of tea whilst having a read through of my then, very little experience.

In a digital world, access to information and the way in which people communicate nowadays means the need for a hook has never been greater.

For an interim career, interims need to be able to demonstrate what was asked of them, what they delivered and what they achieved – Building a demonstrable track record. Clients need to know you have done a similar piece of work in a similar organisation, and most importantly, delivered.

Gone are the days of writing reams of information from day dot of your career. This in no way devalues your previous career, which paved the way to where you find yourself now, but there is a way of demonstrating that without 11 pages.

The latest Interim Management Survey found that 3 pages is the most popular choice for both interims and clients. But this is more a conversation about the content.

To position yourself as an interim I suggest following the STAR method: Situation, Task, Action, Result. When, where, with whom? What was the difficult task? What action did you take? What results did you achieve? Following this method clearly outlines what was asked of you and what was delivered.

When approaching the interim market for your next assignment I find a profile of experience to be impactful. We can showcase your value proposition, track record and relevant achievements. Outlined on one page, it clearly demonstrates what it is you can offer.

We work with our clients in a unique way, our methodology enables us to define, measure and demonstrate success. By understanding what the client wants to achieve in the initial months of the assignment, we can identify the right talent based on what our network has previously delivered. We therefore present our interim community to our clients in a way that proves they can deliver.

I write this as I speak to numerous clients who voice their frustrations at the varied CVs they now receive. There is almost too much information out there.

So, what do you think? Both as a hiring manager and an interim?

I’m pretty sure there will be no mention of a tea bag.

If this has raised questions around marketing yourself as an interim, our one-day course helps you market yourself more effectively to win more assignments.



Holly Weaver is a Consultant of Healthcare at Interim Partners Public Sector Practice. 

About Holly

With a genuine passion for the NHS and the care it provides, I joined Interim Partners as a consultant to focus on the healthcare market. My network holds talented interim managers from Programme Management to Executive Directors, all able to lead organisations through difficult periods of change and transformation.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with experienced interim managers that would like to be part of my network and equally any clients that are looking for support with change and transformation. 

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