NHS in crisis

The importance of the NHS has never been greater with the ever-changing political landscape, underfunding and an ever-ageing population. The pressure on the NHS to do more for less has been at the top of the government’s agenda this year. 

nhs waiting room

The debate continues between Jeremy Hunt and Philip Hammond over how much money the NHS should get to fulfil Theresa May’s pledge for a long-term funding deal to rescue the service. The Prime Minister is turning to technology and artificial intelligence to deal with inefficiencies and assist with healthcare research. But what else can be done? 

The NHS is also looking at the workforce structure. The challenges according to NHS leaders are three-fold: to attract new staff, to retain and develop those who already work within the NHS, and to create new roles where skill gaps are identified. With restraints on funding, how can this be achieved? 

Since 2013, management hires increased by 16% while the number of doctors and nurses only went up by 8% and 2% respectively, but NHS Improvement (NHSI) believes there are still “too few managers”. 

An NHSI spokesperson comments:

"Research consistently shows that rather than having too many managers, the NHS actually has too few given the complexity of delivering modern healthcare. Many of these managers will also undertake clinical work. But this is not an either/or situation. The NHS needs world-class nurses, doctors and a range of support staff in addition to excellent management to provide the best care possible."

The importance of highly skilled, commercial managers to navigate the everchanging landscape of the NHS is clear. The debate on interim usage is still a high-profile topic, with varied arguments for and against. At Interim Partners, we can demonstrate how interims materially influence the performance of organisations. 

Our unique methodology, Return on Interim, enables us to provide positive solutions to the challenges faced by the NHS and enable them to see the real value that interims can add. 

We can define, measure and demonstrate success. Find out more here. 


Holly Weaver is a Consultant of Healthcare at Interim Partners Public Sector Practice. 

About Holly

With a genuine passion for the NHS and the care it provides, I joined Interim Partners as a consultant to focus on the healthcare market. My network holds talented interim managers from Programme Management to Executive Directors, all able to lead organisations through difficult periods of change and transformation.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with experienced interim managers that would like to be part of my network and equally any clients that are looking for support with change and transformation. 

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