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Private Care Growth - is that time now?

With cancer waiting times at their worst level ever, I wonder how quickly this can actually be resolved moving forward?


With cancer waiting times at their worst level ever, I wonder how quickly this can be resolved moving forward? It leaves me to speculate whether any NHS waiting lists will allow more patient referrals to the Private Sector in the future. Without doubt, some are now more than 52 weeks, and this really is not the best outcome for any patient.

Apparently, the Elective waiting list in March 2018 in the UK stood at 3.4 million, but it has increased sharply and hit 4.11m in June, the latest data shows. There now seems to ultimately be a mounting pressure on the NHS to reduce these waiting lists and reduce the number of 52-week waiters.

This will probably need Ministerial level agreement, once the assessment of waiting lists and activity is complete, systems leaders will then have to look at the situation and assess what the exact increase looks like. Previously, when given targets, trusts could not deliver the three core accident and emergency, 62-day cancer and 18-week targets within the existing staffing and financial restraints. It will be interesting to see how this progresses over the next 12 months, in particular with the impact of Brexit on the workforce. The Management of waiting lists continues to be a national priority although this has been supported previously by additional funding.

I am particularly interested to hear from Private Care board leaders on this: are you seeing a drive forward at this time or anticipate one in the future? I welcome comments from my network.




Denise Raw is Principal - Public Sector 

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