Has QIPP Become Another Cost Improvement Programme?

8 May 2019

patient care

One of the greatest challenges facing the NHS is driving efficiencies, whilst maintaining a commitment to improving quality. There is speculation that the cuts being made to meet QIPP targets are negatively impacting the quality of care for patients. Has QIPP become less focused on patient outcomes?

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Reflections on Government Health Policy

2 April 2019

laptop clipboard

Paul David Corrigan, Director of Strategy and Commissioning of the NHS London Strategic Health Authority and former Senior Health Policy Adviser to Tony Blair, shares his reflections on the impact of his achievements.

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Clinician Versus Manager: Overcoming the Great Divide

11 March 2019

doctor working on laptop

The NHS needs to change for it to meet the rising demands. Delivering on both the five-year forward view and the STPs will be one of the biggest challenges NHS leaders will face in the coming year. I sat down with Smriti Singh, Programme Director and husband Neil who is a clinician to discuss how they have drawn on each other’s experiences and insights to benefit them both.

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