Culture – What Does it Mean to You?

10 May 2019


In today’s recruitment world many businesses feel it essential that new hires fit the “culture” of their organisation. This blog will look at some key elements of culture and what it means to employees and the business as a whole.

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A Career in Manufacturing? Yes please..

11 October 2018


When young people are contemplating their future careers, manufacturing and engineering may not automatically strike as the industry of choice!

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Car manufacturers: survival of the fewest?

25 September 2018


Local Councils have been advocating the benefits of car sharing for many years now. However, whilst this may be an easier proposition to those living in a city, the reality of school runs and rural living makes it a less compelling proposition.

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Leadership for delivering growth

11 July 2018


Tim is a member of the Interim Partners Manufacturing Advisory Board. He has enjoyed an impressive career in the Aerospace, Defence and Transportation industry, from being a graduate trainee at Rolls Royce through to receiving the Fastest Growing SME award by UK Chamber of Commerce.

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What does a modern workplace look like?

29 May 2018

remote working

All UK employees who have worked in an organisation for more than 26 weeks are entitled to make a request for flexible working arrangements, according to Acas. Still, many wouldn’t ask or even know that this is something open to them.

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Employee engagement: how to do it right

18 January 2018

Employee engagement

Interim Partners recently hosted a breakfast seminar where Consultant CEO, Tim Pryce, spoke about his experiences of workforce empowerment and cultural change.

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