Automation and Digital Transformation – Healthcare Outlook 2019.

Over recent months, the healthcare sector has been adopting new automation technologies with increased digitalisation transforming the face of patient care.

The increased pace and scale of this widespread adoption is a reaction to rising waiting lists and increased patient numbers, with a continued focus on providing patient-centric care. Businesses are also developing “smart health” approaches to increase patient access and affordability.

New technologies are helping with the diagnosis and treatment of ailments while improving both the accuracy of diagnosis and quality of treatment and therefore improving the patient experience and speeding up the overall process. These digital technologies are improving engagement and care provision.

Healthcare Automation

Digital health, tele-health, wearable monitoring devices and even social media are now assisting with care strategies that allow individuals and organisations to make informed healthcare decisions and work at a faster pace than ever before.

Of course, all this new technology brings new risks. Healthcare operators are very quickly realising that the huge value of this data makes their businesses an attractive target for cybercriminals. Data safety is now an important consideration and smart businesses are working with cybersecurity experts to mitigate this risk.

Clinicians and nurses can now offer a “care anywhere” model which still allows the building of relationships with patients, but allows more flexibility for those involved, with remote working now a possibility as well. Newly aligned financial systems and dedicated talent models are being integrated into organisations, to help automate workflows and speed up processes.

Final thoughts

With aging and growing populations driving up healthcare spend, and increased merger/acquisition activity, there are certainly challenges ahead for the healthcare sector. Quality and safety is at the forefront of the patient’s mind while still demanding convenient and accessible services that are both co-ordinated and affordable. As a result, the sector is realising it needs to be increasingly agile.

Virtual healthcare is therefore playing a bigger role and the market is becoming more competitive both in the UK and internationally.  Telehealth, remote working and remote monitoring are seeing signs of growth and I believe these will pave the way for more development moving forward.

What do you think the most exciting development in digital healthcare provision is going to be over the coming year? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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